4 Signs Your Florence Home May Have Electrical Problems

Florence Electrical Repairs

Your home should feel like a calm oasis, where you can find refuge and security from the stress and chaos of the outside world. Unfortunately, sometimes your home can conceal hidden electrical dangers that undermine the comfort and security of your home. From faulty wiring to an overloaded system, electrical dangers can lead to destructive fires in your home. However, because most of your electrical system is concealed in your walls, you may not always know how to look for signs that it is failing. Fortunately, there are some telltale signs to look for that indicate your home has electrical problems. At Shoals MPE Services, we know how important your home's electrical safety is, so you detect any of these signs of electrical trouble, contact our team of Florence electrical repair experts today! If you do not have any of these signs, but cannot recall the last time your home had an electrical safety inspection, you may want to schedule one for your peace of mind. Having an electrical safety inspection performed is a smart way to make sure that any problems with your home wiring are identified and safely repaired, giving you peace of mind. Whether you have signs of electrical problems in your Alabama home or you simply want to schedule a routine electrical safety inspection to be safe, Shoals MPE has a team of expert electricians ready to help you!

Warm Outlets

Your outlets should always feel cool when you touch them. If your electrical outlets are warm to the touch, you may have an electrical problem on your hands. Warm outlets could indicate a number of problems in your home, and an electrician will be able to identify and repair the source of the problem. Whether your circuit is overloaded with too much electrical usage or the wires behind your outlets are loose or frayed, our team of Florence electricians have the expertise and skills to safely diagnose and repair your electrical problems. Aside from warmth, your outlet can also show other signs of possible electric problems, so be on the look out for char marks on or near your outlets, sparks flying from your outlets, or even buzzing or humming outlets. If any outlets in your home display one or more of those characteristics, contact a qualified electrician immediately!

Flickering Lights

If you have lights in your home that flicker or become brighter and dimmer at random, you could have a problem with the wiring in your home. Whether your home is overloaded with too high of an electrical load or you have a problem with the neutral wire inside your breaker box, a skilled electrician will be able to identify and repair the problem causing your flickering lights.

Frequently Tripped Breakers or Blown Fuses

Somewhere in your home, you have an electrical panel. Modern electrical panels are typically circuit breaker boxes, but some homes have fuse boxes instead. Either way, your electrical panel is designed to interrupt the flow of power to your home if your system is getting overheated or overloaded. Circuit breakers will switch off, otherwise known as “tripping” to protect your home's wires from getting too hot and burning up. Along the same lines, fuses in a fuse box will melt, breaking the power circuit and stopping the flow of power. Most homeowners will experience the occasional tripped breaker or blown fuse. Having too many appliances drawing power at once can cause a breaker to trip. As long as that is not happening on a regular basis, tripped breakers can be totally normal in a safely wired home. However, if you are noticing your breakers trip or fuses blow often, that may a sign that your home's wiring is becoming overloaded frequently. Your home's wires can start to burn if they are overloaded and overheat, creating a very dangerous situation, so if you have been experiencing problems with your breakers tripping, contact the Florence electrical repair experts at Shoals MPE Services today for assistance.

Burning Smell

If your home has a lingering burnt smell that you can not trace back to its source, you may have wires burning in your home. Overloaded wires can become hot and start to burn slowly over time. As they burn, the insulation around them will emit an unpleasant odor that can linger in your home. Wires can burn undetected for quite some time before finally igniting some of the material around them, so they are like a ticking time bomb. If you suspect that you have wires burning in your home, contact Shoals MPE Services right away for emergency attention!

At Shoals MPE Services, our expert electricians want to help you ensure that your home is as safe as possible. If you need electrical repairs, or if you want to schedule an electrical safety inspection for your peace of mind, contact our polite, knowledgeable staff today to get started!

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