Top Reasons You Might Need Professional Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

One of the responsibilities that comes with being a Florence homeowner is the need to take care of a certain plumbing related issues. The speed with which these matters are dealt, as well as the approach used to take care of them, is all part of how everything turns out. While plumbing issues may not pose the same level of threat to your safety, like electrical work does, it can still cause a great deal of damage to your home. Thats why you need to call a Florence Plumbing company.

In fact, left ignored, you could come home from a vacation to a home that is flooded, for one reason or another. All of this means that your belongings can be ruined and you may even put the structural integrity of your home or foundation at risk. Since one of the most common problems plumbers come out for is slow or clogged drains, let's take a look at what all of this can mean.

What's Causing the Problem?

You are probably aware of the most common culprits that cause the need for drain cleaning, but just to review them:

  • Hair – It clogs the shower drain, beard hair messes up the bathroom sink drain, but what can you really do about it? The worst part is that this tangled mess tends to capture other debris making the whole thing worse. Try to remove hair from the top of the drain, before it has a chance to go down.
  • Grease – While food in general can cause problems, the biggest problem tends to be grease. This is because grease goes down the drain like a liquid then solidifies in the drain causing a major blockage. Even letting a little bit of grease slip by can cause major problems.
  • Roots – You love having a yard full of trees but, as they grow, the root systems of these trees can cause damage. They can break the pipe or cause blockages that are not an easy fix.

Making Changes

Being careful what goes down your drains is probably the most important way to avoid having problems with slow or clogged drains. However, it is also about making sure you call in the pros here at Shoals MPE Services when you are in need of drain cleaning. Do not make the mistake of thinking that store-bought chemicals that you pour down the drain are the right way to go. In addition to only being a temporary fix, these chemicals will ruin your pipes, so call us today for expert care.

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