Water Heater Maintenance & Energy Efficiency

Florence Water Heater MaintenanceYour water heater tank could be taking up a significant amount of energy to run. Most hot water heaters with a tank are the second biggest user of electricity in a home. It cost around 18% of the usage on the electricity bill.

Older water heaters, dirty water heaters, broken heating elements, limescale, and neglect could be making that percentage higher. And, you may have a low rated water heater or a unit that's too large or small for the household size, which means more wastage.

Our customers sometimes ask us why their hot water heater runs all day. Doesn't the water ever get hot enough for it to turn off? Well, it will always be running but will only heat when the thermostat senses that the water is cooling. However, due to the reasons above, there could be a problem that means it runs constantly and doesn't heat well.

Fortunately, if your water heater is older, it's probably time to replace it anyway. You can choose a more efficient model. Make sure you take the following steps to keep the efficiency of older or new water heaters.

Water Heater Maintenance Should Include A Tank Flush Out

You may not be aware that your water heater needs a yearly tune up. Your hot water heater needs to be cleaned out and serviced from time to time or you'll face problems with sediments in the water. All water supplied to our homes, whether from municipalities or wells, contain sediments like lime.

This sediment content turns into limescale when it is heated by the water heater. It coats your pipes and sinks down into the bottom of your hot water heater tank. The coating within the pipes keeps building up and narrows them until clogs or other issues occur.

This buildup can be removed with high-pressure drain cleaning. Instead of waiting for this to happen, attack the problem from the source and have your water heater tank flushed out.

A tank flush out will remove most of the sediments and give you a fresh start. A flush out of your water tank gets rid of most of the sediments within the tank so they're not traveling on through your plumbing system. The chalky substance on your dishes will go away for a long time and your pipes will thank you later.

To permanently eliminate the limescale problem, have a whole house water softener installed. This will effectively filter out the sediments. For this and other preventative measures to keep all your plumbing in top shape, call our experts at Shoals MPE Services!

Consider An Energy Efficient Water Heater

If it's time to replace your old water heater, consider installing a tankless water heater. A tank water heater runs all day and night, whereas a tankless system will only run when you demand hot water from the faucet. This can make a significant difference to your home's energy efficiency.

There are units that can be installed underneath the sink. They are referred to as point-of-use water heaters in Florence. There are also tankless water heaters that can provide hot water for the entire home. Tankless water heaters are either operated by electricity or are gas powered.

If you'd rather just replace your water heater tank with another one, there are many efficient models on the market today. In fact, just replacing a gas water heater with a modern unit could reduce the excess heat loss found in old conventional gas water heaters. Be sure to check the Energy Star rating on every appliance you buy new and get professional advice from your local plumber.

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